Create Designer Clothes For Yourself In 48 Hours

Hey this is Faith Ene and welcome to this very first blog on our new membership site We are absolutely excited to Go Live bringing you the opportunity to discover some cool hacks and shortcuts in sewing!. Before I go any further I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read this, it is a pleasure to have you here.

The purpose of this website, is to impart sewing skills and techniques to sewing enthusiasts (both newbies and seasoned sewers), through the use of several learning methods.

Learning for participants is well structured tutorials to help each learner up the path to their individual goals. To ensure excellent learning and intimate experiences for learners, we have decided to use the following modes of presentation;

  1. Video Tutorials: Our video tutorials are informative and appropriately illustrated to make learning easy and time saving.
  2. PDF: Downloadable structured and illustrated materials to help learners reinforce what they learnt from the videos.
  3. Forums: Learners get to join the community of other sewing enthusiasts who are just as passionate as themselves to achieve their goals.
Prior knowledge of sewing, pattern creation or any other associated sewing skills are not a prerequisite. Learners need to have a membership subscription in order to access the training in the members only area.
Create Designer Dress In 48 Hours
Designed to take learners progressively through the stages of custom fit dressmaking, this tutorial is in 3 main steps:
  1. Taking appropriate measurements and creating block patterns/stylized patterns.
  2. Preparing uncut fabric, cutting and preparing the cut fabric for sewing
  3. Sewing the cut fabric and finishing it.
This tutorial is for fashion conscious ladies who would like to wear designer-look-alike clothes on a thin budget!. is the only “create your own patterns and sew” resource on the internet with amazing tips and hacks that make it possible to achieve that desired look in the shortest possible time.
Anyone desirous of starting their own Fashion Design Business but do not have the resources nor the time to pursue a dream education at college is welcome to subscribe to the Create Designer Clothes in 48 Hours Project
Stylish clothes are the products of exceptional designing and the expression of
the design. In other words, pattern making goes through the following process-birthing the design, putting the design in a form that is easily appreciated by others, creating the parts that make up the whole.
Pattern makers give expression to various designs in form of a
blueprint. Pattern making is to the Couturier what draft making is to the
Architect; so also, the pattern is to the Dressmaker what the blueprint is to the
Builder. It is a road map broken into segments, which, when put together
makes up the whole.
Sewing for yourself and others can be very fulfilling when you create clothes
that fit well, which can only be achieved through the art of pattern making. Like
most creative hobbies successful clothes making begin with inspiration and
know how.
Our Pattern Making tutorials in this project covers proper measurement taking and making the basic block patterns, basic dress patterns with darts and a few more fundamental concepts.
For individuals who would like to work in a couture establishment with an eye to becoming the couturier the create designer clothes in 48 hours are resources that would  propel you to your dream.
Sewing101 And Sewing201
 In this project, the fundamentals to sewing are explained and this knowledge so acquired is used in producing useful and coordinated projects for yourself and your home.
For homemakers who would like to customize the look of their homes for next to nothing, let me recommend this create designer clothes in 48 hours project, that is guaranteed to change your lifestyle and give your home a lift when you apply the principles and techniques learned.
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